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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

See me today and in May

I had the pleasure of getting together with a couple of friends this evening. We sit and speak of the need that surrounds us.  We speak with a deep desire to help those we know and with the same desire we speak of  helping those we do not know. We speak of loss, we speak of life, we speak of answered prayers and we speak of unanswered prayers. In the center of this humble place we humbly bow our heads and seek to be heard by our Maker. Peace surrounds us and in this place we pray. Yes, we pray for you.

We ask with certainty because we are certain that He hears our cry.  We pray that God allow you safety, we pray that God allow you health, we pray that God allow you provision and we pray that comfort would be upon you in this season of  Christmas. We continue and pray for those that have no home, we pray for those that have no warmth, we pray for those struggling in violent homes and we pray for those that cannot seem to find peace and yes we also pray for you.

Today my day is filled with people trickling in and out and everyone of them in need.  I don't know what it is about the holiday season but it puts me in a place where my only desire is to give. The need to want to qualify someone as worthy before I give does not seem to be present. I do not guess I am alone in this because there are more phone calls, more emails, more donations and yes more visits from people willing to help during this joyous time of year. It makes me wish it was Christmas all year round. I pray that God allow us a sweet simple reminder of the need that exist even past this Christmas season. The need is the same in December as it is in May, it is just easier to ignore the need when the Christmas spirit is not among us.  So again I pray and yes again I pray for you.

Before my head rests on my comfy pillow and I begin to bury my self within the blanket layers on a bed that sits nestled in my nice warm house. Again my head bows and tears consume me as I pray  that my heart be open not just during the Christmas season and friend please know that I love you so yes again I pray the same for you.

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